Istanbul is a city of fanatical sports fans but moving, playing and training aren’t high on the agenda. To change this we need to motivate them to get moving and show that sport isn’t just for professionals. That’s where The Human Printing Press comes in. The giant press was designed and built to capture the movement of athletes and transfer them onto the page, ultimately creating a series of totally unique ‘Made by Movement’ posters that the youth of Istanbul will do anything to get their hands on. We teamed up young amateur athletes from around the city with the ultimate collection of Turkish professionals, including Burak Yilmaz and Gamze Bulut. Together they power the printing press and sprint, volley, dunk and more to make the limited edition posters. And that’s just the beginning. The posters created in the film and delivered by Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba, are being used to inspire the youth of Istanbul to get moving. Challenges issued via an online hub and Nike’s social channels throw down the gauntlet. If people can prove they’ve got the moves, they’ll earn one of the ‘Made by Movement’ posters, signed by the athletes who made them.

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