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“Jordi Luna was born in Barcelona under the ninth sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius.

As you might surely know, if you’re born under this sign, you are a person with great integrity, unsurpassed clarity of thought and a powerful influence on the world of commerce; you are destined for success and enjoy ice cream on a sunny Mediterranean day (not to mention Sagittarians also love it when others agree with their well-thought-out point of view, which you must surely agree with).

Half man, half beast, this Catalan Sagittarian is an enthusiastic consumer of information, as well as tacos. He’s adding to his vast storehouse of knowledge, and able to deliver stunningly clairvoyant, forward thinking answers to life’s most challenging questions. Right now you are no doubt agreeing with Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer who said, rightfully so, “…the age of Aquarius is over, say hola to Sagittarius.”

As a Sagittarian boy, Jordi enjoyed playing with Play-Doh making copies from famous paintings for his relatives. He studied Advertising and Audiovisual Communications and he loves thinking and crafting ideas even Centaurs (Zodiac’s most notoriously critical characters) fall in love with.

In 2012 he moved from sunny southern Europe to Amsterdam where he joined W+K Amsterdam working on accounts such as Nike, Instagram, P&G, Milka, s7...

In 2017, year of the Rooster, Jordi moved to Tokyo in his quest to dispel evil spirits, eat like an animal, and celebrate brands like Nike, Netflix, Audi, AB InBev... 

His work has travelled around the world and it’s been awarded internationally. He is a quick-witted man who works like a horse. His work ranges from creating a giant printing press - built to transfer the movement of athletes onto stunning posters, to designing a monumental time capsule in Barcelona that will be opened in the year 2159 (reply for invites).

Currently, this Equus Caballus lives in the Northwestern United States, where he’s able to graze anywhere.

Jupiter's golden glow is now reflected in the Moon, ushering in an era of unprecedented wellbeing, and jamón ibérico. Welcome to the age of Sagittarius."

- by Scott Smith

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